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Quotes From Users:

What members say
They join for different reasons,
Are any of these right for you?

Concerned about large unpredictable bills when owning an older car
“I can now have the use of a car when I want it without the excessive cost, trouble and worry of running my own”

No car - mhcc gives access to a car
“Prefer not to run a car but need one occasionally in the past we hired one, the MHCC is a much more convenient and cheaper option.”

Occasionally need a different type of vehicle
“We are retired and have a small car now but it is helpful to be able to use a bigger car for trips to the recycling centre, picking up bulky items and the extra seats are great when the grand children visit”

Visit the area and need a car
“I visit Colwall twice a year for several weeks and for short shopping trips or visits to friends locally the car was cheaper than hiring a car. I loved being a member – easy to join, easy to pick up and return car and billing worked without hitch.”

Need a second car sometimes
“We have a car but there are occasions when we both need it on the same day so the MHCC works really well for us”

Low car use so cost per mile is very high
“The MHCC suits my situation as my mileage is now very low and the cost of continuing to run my own car would make little sense, particularly with such good public transport links. However, the use of a car is essential for shopping, days out, visiting friends and relatives and appointments, Dentist, Hospital, Vet etc.,”

Insurance for emergencies
“I hardly ever use a Car Club car but it is such a good way of dealing with emergencies like my car being repaired or stuck in drive snowbound.”

Part of a Community Scheme and Energy Reduction
“My experience of being a member of the MHCC and using a car has been excellent. It’s great to be involved in such a collaborative, flexible community led initiative. The club offers a variety of cars that should be suitable for most people’s needs.”