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More people using fewer cars

Are you using or needing a car only 2 or 3 times a week? then you can halve your costs, most members save much more.

A car without hassle, no tax, insurance, depreciation, or repair bills.

A club run by volunteer members for members

A choice of different types of car

The smart way to get about

If you use a car twice a week you will save about £900 compared with running a small 5-8 year old car:

Cost item per annum Your car 5 to 8 years old Car club car
Breakdown Cover£85£0
Service and MOT​£235£0
Annual membership fee£0£60
Hourly Rate
estimate annual use
FuelFuel cost equalsMileage rate
Annual total​£1,960£​1,060**

*Based on 1 x 2 hour, 1 x 8 hour trips per week and an annual holiday.
**We can calculate your savings if you give us information on the pattern of your use.

Cars in Malvern,Colwall and Ledbury