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How the costs of using a car are calculated

The cost of using a car is formed of two parts:

  1. The time the car was booked for
  2. The mileage driven

For our normal cars the hour rate is £2.50 for the first 4 hours, £1.25 for the next 4 hours and £0.25 for the rest of day. Making the rate for a day £19.

When the booking is more than a day  the part of the day is charged as above starting at £2.50 an hour. So a booking of of 1 day and 1 hour would cost £21.50  (£19+£2.50).

For booking over three days the daily rate drops to £14 and the part day charge is cap at £14.

The mileage charge is adjusted each month to reflect the average cost of fuel in that month as it is designed to cover fuel costs only. The mileage charge for January 2020 was 13p a mile. If you have to buy fuel then a fuel card is provided.

Try this cost calculator to see what different journeys would cost.

The rate for Ford Ranger 4x4 Pickup is different, please contact us for details. 

In addition there is a joining fee of £20 per member and a monthly membership fee of £5. Due to insurance rules membership is limited to those over 25 years of age.